About Us

Lunch Cube was set up by a team of passionate foodies who have worked most of their lives in the hospitality industry.

We have been working with our suppliers for 10 years in another guise – we mostly deliver food for people at work.

When people shifted to working from home, we got to thinking, what is everyone doing for their lunch?

We have to confess that even we, as a food centric bunch of people, find working from home a struggle. We snack on rubbish all day and don’t have the time or inspiration to cook a proper, nourishing lunch. At work, there’s a canteen with a talented team of people to inspire your daily lunch choices, which is what we do. We miss our customers so much. We thought, there has to be a way to reach out to people at home, to keep people excited about food.. If people are able to have an easy, 5 minute, nutritious lunch then they will be more productive.

Let’s get excited about lunch again.

Build Your Lunch3

lunch3 A Christmas Roast in the Post - online ordering coming soon...

Christmas dinner delivered to your home prepped and ready to eat in 10 – 20 mins depending on how many sherries you drink!
UK DELIVERY: Order quick – cut off Monday 21st midnight (Tuesday 22nd midnight inside M25)

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