As we usually provide food for people at work, we recognise the important role that lunch plays in building a culture, framing the day, giving structure and something to look forward to. All jokes aside, lunch is sometimes a big choice. It can affect our mood and our mood affects what we choose.

Having our teams on furlough for the most part of this year has meant we have had to work hard to save their jobs. Working from home, or just being at home, has led to isolation and loneliness for many. Uncertainty about the future. Missing our colleagues. We have experienced this ourselves. This is how Lunch Cubed was born. What if we could reach out to people who are working from home and still be the lunch specialists that we usually are in office spaces, and specialise in working from home lunches.

We have a whole lot of jobs to try and save and being true to our entrepreneurial spirit, we decided to embark on this adventure. What if we could build a cube of lunches, that lasted throughout the week, that would give people working from home a convenient solution to their lunch? Would it work to inspire them and help give their day a bit more structure? Would it help to bring people together in a community that they could be missing from being in a working environment with other people to speak to?

Taking it further than that, we know that if we snack on junk and don’t eat a proper meal, it can really lead to a massive drop in energy levels later in the day. Having a proper lunch can really help you maintain a focus and be more productive. It’s a win win.

The reason we feel so passionately about helping people who are struggling with mental health issues is because we believe that aside from the Covid pandemic, mental health is the true pandemic of 2020.

We want to help, even if it’s only in a small way. It’s okay not to be okay.

And if we can make one person feel less isolated and make a connection with them through food, then that’s a good start.

Please get in touch here to let us know if you are struggling and for every 20 cubes we sell, one free cube will be on its way to you.

lunch3 A Christmas Roast in the Post - online ordering coming soon...

Christmas dinner delivered to your home prepped and ready to eat in 10 – 20 mins depending on how many sherries you drink!
UK DELIVERY: Order quick – cut off Monday 21st midnight (Tuesday 22nd midnight inside M25)

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