How we packed your Lunch3 has been very carefully thought through. Our boxes needed to be robust enough to protect your meals, and smart enough that they do not have an negative effect on the environment. So, this is what we came up with…

  1. The Lunch3 box and insert is fully recyclable
  2. The woollen collar is recyclable
  3. Please pour the ice packs down the sink recycle the packets – or reuse them at your leisure
  4. All the recipe cards are recyclable
  5. The VAC pack bags are full recyclable (please rinse before disposal)
reducing waste

Let’s get excited about lunch again.

Build Your Lunch3

lunch3 A Christmas Roast in the Post - online ordering coming soon...

Christmas dinner delivered to your home prepped and ready to eat in 10 – 20 mins depending on how many sherries you drink!
UK DELIVERY: Order quick – cut off Monday 21st midnight (Tuesday 22nd midnight inside M25)

Find out more and see the menus here