Sourcing & Sustainability

We carefully select our suppliers based on a wide range of criteria. The big ones for us are ethics and provenance.

We can trace every single one of our products back to source and this is something we are passionate about and work hard to maintain. This sometimes means our products are more expensive, but the food you get to eat is of a higher quality.

All of our suppliers are British.

For meat we work with Turner and George who are passionate about animal welfare. For fish we work with The Upper Scale who fish in seas where sustainable practices are strictly adhered to.

For fruit, vegetables and eggs we work with Foodari who are a farming co-operative based in Kent. They represent the local farmers and have been providing us with the most seasonably fresh produce for the last 10 years. They champion local producers, ensuring full traceability in all of their products. Their eggs are from The Kent Egg Co. (or more precisely Chequer Tree Farm in Cranbrook) where hens are free to roam and forage on open pastures from dawn to dusk and then safely housed overnight. They are proud members of the Freedom Foods Scheme and have The British Lion mark. We got a bit excited about eggs there for a minute and we digress.

Let’s get excited about lunch again.

Build Your Lunch3

lunch3 A Christmas Roast in the Post - online ordering coming soon...

Christmas dinner delivered to your home prepped and ready to eat in 10 – 20 mins depending on how many sherries you drink!
UK DELIVERY: Order quick – cut off Monday 21st midnight (Tuesday 22nd midnight inside M25)

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